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  • Are you aware of it?

    Heads up Guys

    Time to make some effort and make your voice to be heard

    nice write up HORIZON
    well digested

    Original FAA document is terrible


    I hope link is OK

    Horizon Hobby Responds to FAA Proposed Rules Regarding Remote ID for Model Aviation

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    i logged in my comments to faa
    hope all do the same and if we fail im sure we all will continue to fly as we do now. just wonder if ama will be able to insure us with a policy that ignors the restrictions on us by faa if it passes as is.
    either way my flying will continue as is until i die or get locked up doing so.


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      Well if it's an AMA and FAA recognized field we are exempt from the laws for remote ID. And since we done have a so called moving part that can lacerate flesh we are good there. However the tow planes are a different matter. The laws require we duct our props. That's never going to happen. They can't police this. They couldn't even keep a mob out of the captital let alone check all the fields and make sure we have ducted props, FAA registration numbers and the rest. Just fly and enjoy. I am.


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        In reality we are done as well the model industry is
        After initial .... it is not that bad ... bureaucracy prevails

        I like the motto spotted somewhere in the cyberspace

        "FAA is not happy until you are not happy"


        details are on the net
        People seem like don't care anymore

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          i fear it boils down to go fly have fun but be aware your ama coverage is null if you dont follow all the laws and guidelines set im thinking is there a future need for ama. if your flying site is recognized by faa then does it need to be chartered by ama ....i like flying off private land and gliders in most every form allow me to do just that. now a turbine glider is yet another story.. one that i will soon be involved with. after flying turbines on and off for 20 years and yet to be signed off as such through ama rules since i dont attend events to fly them and dont fly at an ama site with them im going to have to follow some rules on this in the future im sure. places that dont mind the turbine noise are fewer by the day..........even our local site now has gone all electric and silent flyers only


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            Our field is 2 pounds and under only. All grass. All electric or free flight rubber power. I fly 2 meter there with no problems but that seems to be the limit.

            Our other field with the 600 ft paved runway is public park field and we can't keep the public out that has so much abused the altitude limit of 250 ft. and the no fly rule when the winds are north that the Van Nuys ACT will most likely close it soon after being there since the 30's.

            It's happened already once. This picture is at our field. The Apollo field off Woodley. We got told again we are about to lose it, but we have no control over the public idiots.

            Click image for larger version

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              Over night we became public enemies. Flying models is a crime. I have devoted all my life to the aviation. Creativity and RC flying was inspirational bed for my profession. Now I am criminalist
              I have read your post about getting to fly scale and build K8.... Oh well...


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                What is striking
                AMA stays silent
                They were loud and sounded victorious when first paper ( December 28 2020) was published



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                  no victories for the general public only for the politicians......same old same old.. i just keep flying and stay the heck away from the general public. love my glider tows i attend. guys are true flyers and great company.. the sites are great but there are always other places to go if things go south and a site is taken away. the guys flying edf jets and turbine jets are the ones going to have the troubles finding smooth runways with little surrounding issues to deal with while flying over a large patch of sky at lower levels making noise.. i am heading for the turbine glider myself but at high alt and over open farm or mountain areas it will be fine im sure. motor off on landings and enjoy the speed using big sky background