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  • Donation Button Repaired

    Thank you to all the generous members who have contributed to the website this year and in the past. Some members have gone through the effort to even contact us and inform us the donation button was not working. After some tech support back and forth, the problem was solved and its up and running again, ready to accept whatever shekels you have laying around.

    The support team that runs these two sites have been invaluable to the scale soaring community and these forums and website would not be here if it were not for them,

    Thank you Jim and Steve for your efforts on the pages and Michael (Aurp) for your over the top continued support every month.

    We're all looking forward to another excellent year.

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby

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    Any chance you can setup an auto debit every year or even monthly? I'm a supporter at another forum that auto "renews" my site support annually unless I tell them otherwise. I have no idea how complicated or extra expense that might entail but may be worth it to get a slightly more stable revenue flow.

    Thanks for all you do Len! And a thank you to the "admins" of this website/forum! Great place to share our passion.