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  • New PowerBox DigiSwitch V2

    The PowerBox DigiSwitch V2 is a significant improvement on an already great product...

    The PowerBox DigiSwitch V2 is the second generation of the PowerBox Digi-Switch, which is well-known throughout the world. The size of the Digi-Switch V2 is about 20 % the original.

    The introduction of a top-quality aluminium case, machined and anodised, has brought a substantial increase in the unit’s cooling efficiency, with the result that the maximum continuous current capacity of the V2 is around 20 % higher. Peak load capacity is twice as high: it can handle more than 10 A for several seconds Four user-selectable output voltages: for normal servos can be set to a regulated 6.0 V, regulated voltages of 7.0 V and 7.6 V are available for HV servos, as is an option for non-regulated voltage.

    Power to the unit can be drawn from four different battery types: LiPo, LiIon, LiFePo, NiMH. Ultra-bright RGB LEDs are fitted to indicate battery voltage; they light up in various colors to display the charge status of the batteries.
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