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New PowerBox Source replaces the trusted BaseLog

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  • New PowerBox Source replaces the trusted BaseLog

    Many of we giant scale sailplane and tow plane flyers have used the BaseLog for power redundancy and battery monitoring. Yes, the rumor is true... no more BaseLog. In the age of telemetry and with evolving tech, it's time for a step forward via a new offering called Source.

    The units’s size was reduced by optimizing the heat-sink design while this small energy package offers enormous performance reserves, and compares very well even with larger battery backer systems.

    Source can be connected to an optional small O-LED screen which provides a display of all battery data even when the backer itself is inaccessible in the model. However, the full capability of the PowerBox Source can still be exploited even without the screen: the Data socket enables the user to access all settings either using a smartphone and a BlueCom Adapter, or a laptop or PC using our USB interface. Core transmitter pilots, in particular, can control all aspects of the Source from the transmitter without any extra accessories.

    All battery-relevant data can now be transferred to the transmitter via the telemetry system. Source can transfer telemetry data to Jeti, Graupner, Multiplex and Futaba transmitters as well as the Core telemetry system. An additional teleconverter is not required for Futaba.

    Source can be set to any of four different output voltages: 5.9 V – 7.4 V – 7.8 V and unregulated; in the latter case the battery voltage is passed through with minimal loss.

    More information and specifications...

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