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  • Jeti Duplex users?

    DC-16 or DS-16 for sailplanes. 1 better than other? accelerometer really used? any one have pros or cons? thanks


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    Choosing between a tray style radio and handheld is such a personal choice. Far be it from me to say one is preferable. I will say that the weight of the DS16 necessitates a strap or harness for longer flights. So in either instance you will more likely than not have that aid.
    I was an early adopter of the Jeti DS 16. It was a hard switch for me as I had been a diehard JR fan for many years. No one else had the features and the price point was OK. It has proven to be a reliable radio and capable of much more than I will ever need or be able to coax out of it.
    While some of the features seem a little geeky I'm glad they're there. I can see using accelerometers as switches for certain switchable functions but haven't used them yet.
    If you haven't had an opportunity to use a Jeti you need to know a few things. The basic setup and data input for a model is the easiest of any architecture I've used(Futaba, Aitronics, JR, Spektrum). However, getting it to do some of the more arcane things(calling out the model name at Tx startup, configuring a central box, etc) will require digging in forums, trial and error, etc. I've been able to find out pretty much what I need on the RCG forums and the forum. The help is there, just don't expect the local hotshot pilot to have your answer.
    Still, it's one nice radio and so far I do not regret my move. It is as feature rich as I will ever need for the $ spent.


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      Thanks Asher for your insight! I am indeed attracted to the Jeti's architecture and abilities. I have many futaba, airtronics, jr and spektrum and like each for their individual unique features. I kinda am leaning toward a tray style and was curious if I would loose any needed benefits between the dc and ds pertaining to sailplanes. As the years creep up all of the units seem to get heavy around the neck! the harness's for the tray's are looking great to help keep my posture straight.


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        Hi Eugene, for my 2 cents worth, the Jeti system is top notch and in my looking around I found it's features bettered by none. Coming from a full size gliding background I find the tray format the best, even my Hitec 6 and Aurora had a tray that I put together for them, I find having long sticks with the edge of my hand on the tray very natural position to give very precise control movements.
        Another bonus with Jeti system is the choice of third party telemetry sensors, Mel (hubby) and me were having great trouble with our 433Mhz varios, being the RC Electronics unit that send a carrier wave data other folks were transmitting over us complaining of interference when we were at aerotow meetings. So we went with the VSpeak Jeti Pro units and have not regretted the change to Jeti. Mel's still using the transmitter modules with his Hitec transmitter, while I've gone to the DC16, all I can say is wow!.... what system..... with my ASH 25 it can do all the mixing of the full size gliders ailerons and flaps for every phase of the flight, and with the sequencer built into the transmitter I could take out the aircrafts sls unit as well.
        Which ever transmitter you chose I don't think you'll regret it.
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          Thank you Antonia for your very experienced two sense worth! I believe my future holds a tray style Jeti for the exact reason you stated. relaxed precision. I also hear there is good customer service and follow up after the sale advise, which is worth much these days.