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Wireless ear bud solution for your vario hand held radio

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  • Wireless ear bud solution for your vario hand held radio

    This was published on the RCGroups web page and may get resurrected once the forums are reinstated, but I was so excited by the results I though I would re post it here.

    How many of you out there are tired of having to deal with the wired headphones or ear bud to listen to the hand held receiver for your vario? I'd had enough of the wires snagging on clothing, transmitter straps, dangling in the way and generally being a nuisance, so I went looking for a solution. What I wanted was something that would transmit the sounds from my hand held radio to an ear bud wirelessly.

    Since the ear bud for my phone is Blue Tooth, and I like the way it sounds and fits, it made sense to see if it could be connected somehow to my radio. What I found was - you guessed it- a Blue Tooth transmitter with a 3.5mm plug to connect to any audio device with the matching jack. The requirement of the ear bud or headphone is that it be A2DP compatible. This stands for "Advanced Audio Distribution Profile" and is a Blue Tooth profile that determines how two Blue Tooth devices can stream audio between them. Before ordering anything I looked up my Plantronics ear bud to be sure it is A2DP compatible.

    After looking around on Amazon I bought the TaoTronics Portable Wireless Stereo Transmitter Model TT-BA01 from Sunvalleytek for $28.99.

    Once I figured out the ear bud automatically binds with the transmitter the binding of the two was effortless. I have now had an opportunity to test this in the field, and the system worked fine and all without wires!! To keep the transmitter from flopping around (very counter productive) it was attached to one side of the radio with velcro.

    The procedure I go though to get everything working together is very simple.
    1. Turn on the ear bud.
    2. Turn on the Blue Tooth transmitter.
    3. Turn on the hand held. Mine beeps as it turns on, so if I can hear it in the ear bud I know everything is working properly.
    4. Turn on the RC Transmitter and then the model. This turns on the vario and I will hear the start up notification in the ear bud.

    It would seem, since my first attempt was successful, any A2DP transmitter and compatible ear bud/headphone combo would work. The magic is in the Blue Tooth profile.

    The photos show the transmitter attached and plugged into the radio. Not very technical at all.

    Chris Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    So how about hooking up this Blue Tooth to the Generation 2 Spektrum Radios!
    Has anyone tried it?

    Jeremy and Ben


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      I suspect that it would not be difficult if A. There is already an external speaker jack, or B. Someone installs one in the RC transmitter.


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        All the Spektrum Generation 2 version have a speaker jack, has anyone out there tried it?

        Jeremy and Ben
        SCC AAA TT


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          Jeremy, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I have this same setup; using it with a Wireless Co-pilot Variometer. I will try it tomorrow with my DX9 and report here.


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            Tried it just now with my DX9. It works perfectly! Now I can't wait to get some telemetry modules for the Spectrum!


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                Thanks Bob.

                Jeremy and Ben
                SCC AAA TT