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Spektrum A6150 HV high torque metal gear servo fried today

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  • Spektrum A6150 HV high torque metal gear servo fried today

    My Spektrum A6150 HV high torque metal gear servo, that was used as a towline release servo in my H models Quintus, died on me today. Luckily, it gave me one last release on an hour and a half flight! Not sure why a servo that is seldom used would burn up on me. I tested the servo on a servo driver and nothing. Any ideas? I guess of all servos to go bad, that is one of the better ones!


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    I had the same thing happen on my Blanik. There was a lot of wet grass and when the release opened a clump of grass was jammed behind it. When I went to put a loop in for the next flight the servo was totally dead.
    Kevin K

    Kremer Aerotowing Team


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      The higher the torque the more damage if it gets jammed. No idea if that is what happened but just sayin.


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        Probably just a bad servo. I've found that cheaper digital servos, unless thoroughly vetted through testing in the real world, are very unreliable. Sometimes the sensor circuitry causes the servo to constantly fight itself to maintain position, resulting in a burned out motor. If going with a lower budget servo, stick with analog circuitry.


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          Thanks guys. After looking at the servo that was used for the release, it wasn't sufficient. I have ordered oe of Spektrum's higher end servos as a replacement. Thanks Model Box Jeremy.