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  • Receiver Programming Cable

    Reading about the new features available for Spektrum radios using the "Forward Programming" Airware update, there is this note regarding the PowerSafe receivers: "Please note that the PowerSafe firmware must be updated to v1.6 or above."

    To make a firmware update to a PowerSafe receiver, it sounds like the best way is using this computer interface cable:

    wondering what the resident experts say?
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    After speaking with a Horizon Tech, there are no updates at the moment for the new Power Safe Receivers! You will need the SPMA3065 cable to register the Receiver, and once that is completed you will see what version it currently is, from there on out you would check periodically for any updates just as you do with your transmitter! So as of this moment, you can use your AS3000 with your Power Safe Receiver and iX12 Jim
    I will have cables on hand at the Horizon Aerotow and will dispatch more with Jim to have at the Cumberland Summer event, Jim told me to say that



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      Just to clarify...there are PowerSafe receivers (which have been on the market for awhile) and now there are PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry receivers.

      While the new PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry receivers are being shipped with the most up to date firmware, the older PowerSafe (without Integrated Telemetry) receivers may not have the most recent firmware?
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        To clarify :

        the old generation PowerSafe receivers, 12120, 9120 can not be firmware ugraded. They stay as they are and are still great receivers.

        The new generation PowerSafe receiver 20310T, 12310T, 9140T have been released initially last year with firmware version 1.5 and can be upgraded to 1.6 using the USB cable and the spektrum programmer software

        you can find this software here

        To use the AS3000, you need to be sure that you have v1.6 on the receiver and the airwave 2.0 that include forward programing

        The most recent batches of receivers may already come with v1.6 but I am not certain.

        Hope it help understanding everything. I will be at the windy ridge and if you need help with it please ask.
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          Bottom line...

          With the introduction of this new generation of Spektrum PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry receivers:


          These receivers are now like the Spektrum transmitters in that you can (and should) register them online. The software that operates them can and should be kept up-to-date! This can be done by using the resources at:

          This can be done by linking the receiver to your PC using the USB interface cable:


          With the introduction of the AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module
          (SPMAS3000), both transmitter and receiver software must be up-to-date for this device to work properly:

          Transmitters need Airware v2.0

          Receivers need firmware v1.6


          Transmitters can be updated by use of an SD card. SD card acts much like a USB thumb drive that most of us are familiar with. The Spektrum v2.0 Airware is copied from the Spektrum website: onto the SD card. The SD card is then inserted into the transmitter. v2.0 update is then copied into the transmitter.

          iX12 Transmitter is unique in that its onboard WiFi capability lets the user link to the Spektrum website directly (no need to use an SD card).

          Receivers can be updated by use of the SPMA3065 USB Interface cable. This cable plugs into the Bind Port on the receiver and the other end plugs into your computers USB port. The receiver can be registered online using this cable and the firmware can be updated using this cable.


          So...if you plan to use the AS3000 AS3X module, you need to get the SPMA3065 USB interface cable and register your receiver and check its firmware version. If it is not v1.6, then you need to update the receiver firmware to v1.6.

          Likewise, you need to update your transmitter Airware to v2.0

          Once both transmitter and receiver are both updated (or confirmed to be on the correct version) the AS3000 AS3X module can be plugged into your receiver and start to be used.

          However...There are significant steps you must do to properly ready your plane for the use of this device in terms of trimming, balancing, and adjusting for proper flight. This device will not make a poorly trimmed and/or out of balance plane suddenly fly straight and level!


          I am not a Spektrum expert or a company spokesperson. I am just a modeler and these are the facts as I have come to understand them. I share this in an attempt to help all of us embrace this new technology.

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            Another note: You must use Windows 7 or higher for the updater program to work. I still love my WindowsXP but had to use my laptop with newer Windows for the updater to work.
            I also found out you can't get the serial number off your receivers without the updater program which reads it for you but you have to copy and paste the number to register them.


            • French1
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              Brian, if you log on in the Spektrum programmer it does it for you no need of copy paste

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              I figured I was doing something wrong......

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            To Clarify, Jim and Stephane are both correct
            SPMA3065 will be avilable at the Horizon Aerotow, and at The Model Box 2.0 North Cumberland MD!

            SCC AAA TT TN