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Let's try this again, what do you have to feed my glider addiction??

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  • Let's try this again, what do you have to feed my glider addiction??

    This worked pretty well last time I tried this, I picked up a Pilatus B4 from Mike that I have had an absolute blast flying the last month or so. Had 10 flights in Salem this past weekend and I am loving it. So I'd like to add something else to my collection. I'd like to stay at 4 meter and below for simplicity and size reasons, I still have to haul this around in an SUV. I know if I buy a trailer I'm going to fill the darn thing with bigger airships! Not looking for any one style, just something fun to fly. Shoot me a message and let me know, thanks!

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    I have a Peter Goldsmith Designs T-45 Slingsby Swallow. You can read my build thread here:

    Slingsby T-45 Swallow ~ 1/3-scale Kit by Peter Goldsmith (Build thread by JimD) -

    My plan is to build another one of these (already have the kit) and refine some of the details that were not included on the first one.

    Did the same thing last year with my first T-37 Slingsby Skylark. Sold it and built a second one. Will eventually do the same thing with my L-19.
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      Good to see you at Salem and glad to hear you had a blast with your new bird. Salem always fun. I still have this 3.6 M DG505. Can do much better on the price should you be interested. Also have extra canopy plastic .

      Had a blast with it at Cumberland. Works well on the slope too, cuts nice. See other video on original email of another version of this one.

      Also bungied it up on the Cumby slope when tows were out of service. Has a hook on bottom.

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        Jack V has some models in your size just listed.


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          Thanks Mike, we're already talkin!