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LET DG 1000 Fore and Aft Canopies

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  • LET DG 1000 Fore and Aft Canopies

    Looking for the fore and aft canopies for my LET DG1000, Love to have the blue tinted ones, but the clear ones would be great too. Please let me know if you have a spare set you'd consider selling.

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    The blue ones were not all that popular so they're quite rare. The clears are available and Let does a nice job with their e-shop and shipping.
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      Thanks Steve. I sent Petr an email about ordering a set but haven't heard from him. Meanwhile I am attempting a rehab on the ones I have. The white painted on borders are de laminating away from the plexi. I have a good friend who has a custom paint shop who can re-shoot them. We'll see how they turn out.......