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Wanted: Bidule 111

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  • Wanted: Bidule 111

    Got this message from Don in San Diego (#DVG)...can anyone help him out

    "Hey Jim,
    Don here in San Diego, I had purchased the 111 a couple years past had many tows on this model great flyer. Couple weeks past my radio failed during approach and wen in what we call the jungle. Parlamar RC flyers field, 15 north and 76 junction, There is probably over 100 planes in this area. it is so over grown can't even walk thru it. I tried and now I'm covered in Poison Oak,ugh. We did put up a couple drones but no luck, DA 120, spectrum power save receiver. built to your spec. I have placed an order for one thru Icare but it looks like three months out. I was wondering if there is a used one around to be had? I tow for the Horizon team here in san diego that do the triangle racing so it important to me to have good equipment for the job. Ask around back there for me you never know. I like the 111 cause it will fit in my Honda Odyssey with my 3rd scale ASW 24 thanks for asking around for me Don"
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