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SZD-56-2 - 2.5hr Flight...

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  • SZD-56-2 - 2.5hr Flight...

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    Looks great Parallax....really slips through the air nicely....brings back memories...I grew up in Cochrane, and learned to fly slope there and also on other side of Bow can see my old house in the video 1 mile away sort of!! Lol. Now live in Boston.

    That house on the hill you show in photo used to belong to the Muellers of hang gliding fame...who both son and father were killed hang gliding (RIP)...does the family still own the house there?

    Here is a photo from the 70's of an Aquila I another photo from Big Hills Springs Road area...nice slope there too facing in another wind direction, only 15 min away from you ever fly there?

    Love those Alberta Chinook warm winds from the Rockies!

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      Good day Matt from YYC,

      Thanks; I've been flying at the Mullers for over forty years :^) Indeed, that is (still) the Muller residence you see in that pic. Vincene still operates as a hang gliding / para sailing / teaching facility.

      The video above was recorded at the (west) end of Big Hill Road. This footage (Roti / SZD) was recorded at Vincene's:

      Over many years, I've cultured lots of flying sites for all wind directions (including BHS Road west of Airdrie), all the way down to Pincher Creek. It is that predominantly westerly flow (jet stream) that creates (beautifully warm) Chinooks - which makes slope flying possible year round!

      Great pics, thanks kindly for sharing!

      Stay well :^)
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