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Watering systems can effect RF Link

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  • Watering systems can effect RF Link

    This is from RC Electronics, I kept getting "RF Link bad" it turned out to be a bad TRX 30 but I thought this was interesting .
    "Try to change channel if it will help. in Australia they have a lot of watering systems that are working on 433MHz telemetry. I already got reports from austraila that on some airfields telemetry is not working OK but on other place it works with no problem".

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    Hi Tom

    We have observed that the RC T3000 will sometimes revert back to the default Channel setting of 38. I think this happens if the battery runs down completely. In any case, I have learned that whenever I get a "RF link bad" error, the first I check the channel setting on the T3000 to make sure it is the same as the TRX 30 channel setting.



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      Thats good to know. I don't have any power going to my TRX30, the lights are on on everything else but the TRX30 so I have Rick sending me a new one. It has been a bummer to not be able to fly any GPS while I'm here in Australia.
      I will be home on July 22 and look forward to seeing you and flying Visalia again. Take care see ya soon, Tom


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        Hey John, How can you tell what channel the TRX30 is set to?


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          The quickest way to verify the channel setting of the TRX30 is to plug the TRX30 into a computer and use the RC Data Manager software. Once connected you can read the channel setting of the TRX30 and change it if needed. You can download the RC Data Manager software on the RC Electronics website. The only other way I know of is to use trial and error by changing the channel setting on the RC T3000 and see which channel works with your TRX30.

          Lets definitely do some GPS Triangle flying when you get back. Too bad you are going to miss the Montague GPS event next week.