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  • New Pitot Tube

    I received an email about a new Pitot tube for the GPS electronics. Thought I would share in case it is of interest.

    IAS Prandtl probe for V-tail gliders. Used with Raven 2 PRO to measure airspeed of the plane. Dimensions: Height: 77mm Width: 4mm Prandtl length: 56mm Spoiler length: 25mm


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    I have just ordered 4 of these for stock. Note that you should also get the base linked below in order to make it a complete solution. Price will be $80 plus $10 shipping for these first 4 sets of probe and base. Not cheap but definitely a slick setup.

    Fitting for IAS Prandtl probe for easier installation. Airtight sealing is already build inside this fitting. 2 silicon tubes are included in set.
    Rick Shelby
    Team Horizon


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      Here's a picture of the new Prandtl probe compared to the V-Pitot tube. The pitot tube is 2.5 mm in diameter and the Prandtl probe is 4 mm at the thickest part of the airfoil.

      Click image for larger version

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      Rick Shelby
      Team Horizon