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Steve P
Steve P
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    Dean Gradwell
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    Steve, I'm a huge fan of Powerbox products including their wiring. On several gliders I replaced the existing with haarness with the wonderful red, white, and blue with molded ends. Ordering through Duralight I had extra long leads with Multiplex connectors made for the Antares and ASW 22 inner panel. Recently discovered the clear servo connectors that we crimp ourselves like the Hansen connectors. I have graduated from the Hansen sold crimpers to a very nice $300 pair. It works well but with Powerbox wire but being a smaller outside diameter I know there is something better. Could you ask what is recommended for hand crimping.
    I enjoy your reports very much about Powerbox. I have three Futaba 18 channel transmitters so a switch would be significant but I am tempted.
    Regards Dean

  • Dean Gradwell
    Steve, I just realized I can go to the forum for the answer. Thanks anyway. Regards Dean
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