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    The last time I imported from Germany there were no customs taxes as long as the shipment is labeled as "toy airplane" on the manifest and import papers. You will be paying substantially for freight if it's shipped by air freight which is the usual course. You will have to pay for a broker if the declaration of value is over $2,000. Anything under this and you can walk it through customs yourself. The danger here is if you or the shipper declares it below $2k to avoid brokers fees and your model is toast you'll only get the value you/he declared. An iffy proposition if it's actually worth substantially more. BTW, a broker fee of $200-$300 is typical in Atlanta.
    I think Paritech is a solid company. Germany (along with other countries) shuts down in August for holiday and it can take awhile to get them back on the grid. My best advice, if you know they got your order right, is to leave them alone. Also, 5-6 months isn't unreasonable time frame.

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    Thanks for your advice! Much appreciated. I'm not going to sweat it, I'm sure they'll be in touch. Did Paritech give you the option to declare value? it's a 40% model so it might be hard to value it under 2,000 but that's still a lot of money to most people for a model glider right?
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