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Team USA F3B World Chamionships

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  • Team USA F3B World Chamionships

    F3B USA 2019 Team Fundraiser and Team news.

    A lot will be happening in the next 60 day on our way to the F3B world championships.
    I would like to first introduce the team,
    Pilots, Tom Kiesling, Mike Lachowski and Thomas Cooke.
    Helpers, Pavel Safarik and Leszek Zyga.

    We also have a fundraiser and hope for your support!
    It is a really interesting collection of prizes, from sailplanes to servos to 3D aircraft to DA Engines.

    You can support the team thru

    We would be thankful for any support you would consider thru our fundraiser. More news and prizes to come!
    Mike Lachowski

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    On June 22, 23 the Rhode Island Soaring Club is hosting the USA F3B team practice at our beautiful sod farm fields in Richmond RI .

    The complete USA F3B team going to the 2019 world championships will be there.

    This will be a super exciting event with mostly distance and speed tasks.

    Michael Lachowski, Tom Kiesling, and Thomas Cooke need some serious practice and competition before we are sending them off to the world championships in August.

    We need helpers running the timers at the bases and we need F3B pilots to join us to give the US team some competition.

    This is also a great opportunity to see F3B flying up close. So if you have never seen F3B flying come help us out.


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      Hi Mike.
      I live about an hour and a half from there. I'm happy to come out an help. I'll be back from the Indiana event and have that weekend free as of now.
      Any Idea what time this is going to happen? And which field?

      Len Buffinton
      Team Horizon Hobby


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        Thanks Len,

        I am not 100% sure which field we will use. Either the normal contest field which is Covell or we could go over to Heaton Orchard Rd which is nice and flat and open plus we usually can get the cars closer to the winch locations. We will know when we get closer to the weekend.

        We will be flying all day Saturday and much of Sunday. There is a bit of setup for all the winches and sighting devices. I hope we are in the air by 9:30.


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          Here is a short list of the team sponsors.

          XPlorer 3.8 either F3j or F5j version from Soaring USA
          Pike Precision F3B from Soaring USA
          Extreme Flight Extra 300 with motor, esc, MKS Servos
          Pair of MKS HV6130 servos
          Another pair of MKS HV6130 servos
          Pair of MKS HV6110
          Pair of MKS GV69 servos
          AJ Aircraft Raven
          Graupner MZ24 V2 Radio
          Desert Aircraft DA35 engine
          Vladimir Models Elf
          Second Vladimir Models Elf
          Sky Wing Laser 260
          $100 gift card from Chief Aircraft
          $100 Gift Certificate from Esprit Models
          Scorpion Motors HJII-2216-14 from Mikado USA
          Second Scorpion Motors HJII-2216-14 from Mikado USA
          Propeller from Falcon Propellers
          YAK 54 foamie from JTA Innovations
          Digitech ATR Wizard 2.0 Angle and Throw meter from Aero Panda

          You can get the full details on all these items on the team web site.


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            Some glider operations on field while we are practicing before the contest.