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Camera Setups for Gliders and Towplanes

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  • Camera Setups for Gliders and Towplanes

    I got a Runcam 2 for Christmas and plan to use it to get a bunch of hat cam and in flight footage this season. In the past I've used Hobbyking wing cams and just velcro'd them to wings or tails. This works alright on gliders, but the vibration on the tow plane made for some lousy footage. Even had one fall off on take off! Wanted to see what other people have come up with to get that sweet in flight footage!

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    Anybody have any info? I'm curious about this, too!


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      Yeah I'm still hoping someone will chime in!


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        Best is to tape the cam down on the stab, the perfect tape, is the hinge tape or Blenderm (TM) tape, it stretch and is very tacky.

        as far as the wing I use a camera mount that can be 3d printed as the picture below,

        I am investigating how to do another mount at the junction of the two wing panels as pictures enclosed

        My dream would be to be able to activate the cam in the air as there is a lot of footage generated on a flight...

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          Does the Blenderm leave any residue? That was part of the problem with the velcro is it became difficult to get the adhesive off.

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          Blenderm is OK if you remove it after your flight, don't let it cook under the sun for an entire afternoon and you will be allright

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        Originally posted by Sinkhappens86 View Post
        Yeah I'm still hoping someone will chime in!
        It's going to be difficult to isolate the camera from engine vibes on a towplane with a gas engine, I would think. My big electric tug shoots good video with an unstabilized Gopro mounted on 3M dual lock. If you have a gas engine, I'd try something like one of the anti-jello action cam mounts but with some Kyosho Zeal tape holding the camera to the isolated mounting plate. Double the isolation! A smooth multicylinder engine would also be a good place to start. But electric for the win! Here's a link to my giant tug flying and the Kyosho mounting gel I mentioned.