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  • Old Gliders kits

    I am really close to getting this glider kit or is it just a short kit? Hard to tell. It says kit which to me means a complete wood kit. I love the glider I haven't seen one built. Any of you have any experience with Old Glider kits?

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    Steve, towards the bottom of that webpage you can see the costs for additional items to complete, including balsa. What's advertised up top is a short kit.

    Dave Smith


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      I have an Old Gliders, IS-5 Kaczka kit in the ques. Nicely designed and cut kit. Nice quality wood. My only comment is the "unique" packing method for shipping. The vast majority of the cut parts are in a box like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Surprisingly, not damaged from the trip over from Poland, but I bet it could happen. I think the designs are not overly rugged, but if you agree with the philosophy of build them to fly, not to withstand every crash, then they are up your ally. The great part, is there are some really neat designs available from them. Truly, builders kits.


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        Thanks guys that helps. Even for a short kit the price is nice.


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          Here's some pictures of the finished model.


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            Steve, I have the later version of that aircraft, the DeHavilland Sparrow, in 1/4 scale, it flies much better than I had hoped and is certainly unique. The Polish designer escaped Eastern Europe, made it to Canada and redrew the aircraft and re named it as well, a few very minor changes but it looks mostly the same. In 1/3 it will be sweet.