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Rosenthal Flugmodelle USA is back

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  • Rosenthal Flugmodelle USA is back

    I want to give everyone an update on what is going on with my business of importing Scale Sailplanes. Previously I was only importing Rosenthal, but the Rosenthal factory in Germany went into bankruptcy in 2017, and has sold off their stock and tooling. I suspended my business while things were being settled, carefully lined up new suppliers, and re-launched at the AMA Expo West November 2, 2019, under the Rosenthal Models USA banner (parent company is still OH Marketing LLC). I am carrying EMS, limited Rosenthals, Tomahawk, F-W Models, ChocoFly, Fraesfritz, Schambeck, Orbis, BM Products (1:3~1:2 scale all aluminum retracts with disc brake, tow releases, auto winders, etc), NeuMotors, and more. The web site is back up but is just a landing page at the moment - I am building the new pages now. I will be putting 100% of my time towards the business from April 2019, part-time until then.

    In the bankruptcy process I retained brand name rights for the USA and acquired some of the tooling, which will be ready for production (in Europe) soon for the following models:

    Cessna L-19 Bird Dog 4m towplane (all molded)
    Rallye Morane 4m towplane (all molded)
    1:2 scale ASW-27/28, ASG-29 in 7, 8, 9m [note: production run planned for January 2019 - have orders already]
    ASW-22 7.2m
    ASK-18 3.5m (great for slope or electric)
    Grob G-109 4.7m Motor Glider - electric recommended
    RF-5 5.66m Motor Glider for Electric or gas

    These will be offered initially as fuselage only, or full kits. I actually had 2 inquiries at the Expo for fuselages - yay builders team!

    I am in the process of "discovery" to find out who has the other 'good' molds, like the 1:3 ASW-15, 40% LS-4, 40% Pilatus B-4, Swift S-1, etc.

    For example, Tomahawk Aviation has the 1:3 ASK-13 molds, has updated them and is re-releasing the model. I saw the prototype at the Schwabmunchen (Germany) Glider Trade Show in July - I examined it there and watched it fly, and I just brought that model in for Brian Chan - it is lighter than the previous version, and has the wing roots as part of the fuselage. Much better idea - my -13 has the delicate root trailing edge that sticks out just waiting for something to bump into when I am handling it.

    We demonstrated the Schambeck AFT 25evo SLS and Orbis 20 SLS units, and showed an EMS Nimbus 4M 7.2m w/SLS (KTW), my 1:3 ASW-15 as a Rosenthal example, 2 ChocoFly TD moldies, and the new 4-meter Avanti GPS Triangle Sport class moldie. Lots of interest in the Avanti for GPS and Cross Country (Diana 2 wings and enlarged Attacko fusleage), and we will be campaigning one ASAP to see how it fares. I will have one ready for demo flying soon and will make a flying video.

    I will have a new EMS Quintus 6.1m in January, and will report the "build" here, and one with a retractable EDF self-launch should be here in February.

    Please let me know if any of the above Rosenthals are of interest, so I can prioritize effort. In the meantime if anyone is looking for -other- Rosenthal things please let me know and I will try to help you locate and/or procure them. At the moment I have in stock a 1:2 Cirrus 75b full kit that is for sale. I will have the RF-5 demo model ready in a few weeks along with an electric (!) Rallye Morane with 12s NeuMotor power.
    The Forum was represented, hanging on my ASK-15 wing. We had a nice location - across from the Ice Cream booth. Sign of the times - need to carry several brands.

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    I am interested in the Bird Dog! That will satisfy a couple of requirements for fly-ins.


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      Bruce, do you think you will be able to source a Blue Tinted Canopy for my Rosenthale 6m B4 I purchased from you?



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        Thanks for the email Bruce!

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      I will get all the info and send it to you. Drop me a mail at



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        Hi Jeremy,

        Your ears must be burning...check your email.



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          Great News!