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Sad news out of Clover Creek

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  • Sad news out of Clover Creek

    I don't have any details yet but apparently John Schroder passed away.

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    Very sad. I had the pleasure of meeting John at Clover Creek. We spent the week there and I was able to chat with him on and off throughout the time. A fellow pilot crashed into the creek that abuts the property. We hopped in John's ATV and as I jumped out to head down into the creek bottoms to search for the lost glider, he pulled out a pistol from under the seat and said calmly, "You might need these for the water moccasin's down there" and just grinned.

    A life well lived shall not be diminished by death.


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      I remember the look on your face when John said that....


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        I got word this morning, John passed in his sleep last night, he had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago!
        I was going to see him and Tina at Joe Nall, but never made that rendezvous when the event was cancelled! The RC community has lost a great ambassador, and I a good Friend, he always called me ssssssss!

        God speed John

        Jeremy and Janet


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          This was the last time I saw John at Clover Creek, luckily he came by the shop with Tina after returning from Florida late last year


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            Sad news indeed..
            John Schroder was a special person, with a special heart. He and his wife Tina were fantastic hosts and we really enjoyed the time spent at the ranch a couple years ago..

            We'll miss him and the community has lost a true soldier.

            Happy Landings John.

            Len Buffinton
            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Tina and John....none better! The first time we flew aerotow there John yelled out 'look at that boy (referring to me) with that junky wooden airplane still flyin' around and all of you other guys with your million dollar glass sailplanes sittin' on the ground!' John was the best cut-up ever! He knew how to 'light fires', too. I sure am going to miss John! I know everyone who interacted with him will miss him, too.


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                To honor John's last wishes, Jeremy will be collecting donations, while at the Horizon Aerotow next week, for local Humane Shelters, something near and dear to my heart. As many of you know, I, too, have a heart for homeless animals and I've been working to get our local animals re-homed by featuring 2 Canines of the Week and 2 Felines of the Week on my personal Facebook Page and I've also done a few fund raisers for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you want to friend me on Facebook, my page is Janet Hasty Hartmann. Jeremy will be traveling to the Clover Creek Aerodrome at the end of the week to attend John's Celebration of Life. Please donate as your heart leads you. Thank you and God Bless ya'll!

                Swiss Miss (aka Janet)


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                  I traveled down to Clover Creek with John Bradley after attending the Horizon Aerotow, Snatch and AKA also attended and we did an aerotow demo. It was a gathering to fly in honor of John, and I would like to share this video, Snatch will post some pictures from the Ceremony soon!


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                    very nice tribute

                    Len Buffinton
                    Team Horizon Hobby


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                      Yes, rest in peace John.


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                        +1 I sure will miss John. He was cool!