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"towing" big gliders?

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  • "towing" big gliders?

    As I stated at other parts of this great forum, I now have flown my biggest glider, a Hempel 50% KA-6. I must say, as a 75 year old flyer, I have great difficulty moving the glider around in the "pits" and flight line. Thinking I need a "dog leash" I can connect to the tow release loop, and a "outboard wheel" that clamps onto the wing, similar to what full size gliders use. Has anyone done something similar. Just dragging the glider by the nose would work OK on nice green grass, but not all flying sites (in the PNW anyway) are nice lush grass. Thoughts?

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    Maybe Xroadie will chime in here. He has a slick dolly cart he puts his 'Big Bird' onto for moving around the flight line.
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      Click image for larger version

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      Kevin, Thanks for the photo. Kind of looks like a furniture dolly with some foam pieces to center the fuse on the dolly--slick. Is the tow leash attached to the fuse, or the dolly? Looks like the nose of the glider, but not sure.


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        Xroadie has leash connected to nose of sailplane. You are correct... the foam 'noodle' sections(?) are clamped to the dolly.

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      I use a dog leash clipped to an eye hook on the dolly ....but as often as not, I am pushing it or pulling it by the wing tip so I can go slide ways which is shorter than going length wise...especially good in the pits area which often aren't big enough for these sure to use swivels for all four casters and you can make it go just about anyway you want.