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Axel pilot repair?

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  • Axel pilot repair?

    Guys, has anyone had to repair an Axel pilot? The Hempel KA-6 I recently acquired from Bill came with a well used 1/2 scale pilot that has suffered a few physical issues, mainly a few missing fingers. Two on one hand, and one on the other. You see, the pilot was flying in one of Bill's 50% BD-5 jets, when it went in at full tilt. He also suffered a small concussion to the left side of his head---but that just adds character. Is it likely that I might be able to buy two new hands from the vendor and "install" them myself without making a bad situation worse?

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    Send them to Axels hospital, he does a great job mending his creations and the price isn’t too bad. Mark Foster has one recuperating in Germany right now, a little German beer and genuine Deutsch pork and potato’s will have him looking great in a very short time.


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      If it's cold out he can wear mittens and nobody will be the wiser!


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        Thanks Dennis and Mike. "Ken" won't be hospital bound at least until the end of this flying season. Being German, he should be tough enough to make it another few months in his handicapped status. Mittens won't be used until late Fall, and by then he will likely be flying to Germany for a Winter's rest.