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What shade of red?

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  • What shade of red?

    I am trying to get info regarding the shade of red used to paint the band around the vertical fin and rudder of many full-scale sailplanes. A color sample would be a big help, because I can get it matched at my local Home Depot hobby shop. Thanks!

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    Maybe include a photo of the sailplane???


    • Mosquito
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      Probably as red as your face gets Michael when you land in front of a few people!

    • ARUP
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      That's right Tim! My landings are suspect and I don't land in front of the many people. That's why I exercise... so the 'walk of shame' isn't too tiresome!

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    Al, try this....

    Find a picture of a sailplane you like, with the color you're looking for. Google image search,, whatever. Open Windows Paint (or Apple equivalent) and open the picture in Paint. Use the eyedropper to "pick" the color you want from the picture. Then select the "Edit Colors" icon at the upper right. That'll give you the color mix you're trying to match.

    Dave Smith


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      Dave, that is a great tip! Thanks for sharing.


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        Thanks, David. That is exactly what I needed. Oshkosh Truck builds fire engines. I believe they have a library of about 10,000 shades of “ fire engine red.” So many choices, which one to choose.....😕