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High Ridge Soaring ?

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  • High Ridge Soaring ?

    Hey Guys,

    What ever happened to TroyBuiltModels line of sailplanes? I seem to remember they were called High Ridge Soaring.

    TBM has gone to high end drones instead of hobbyist rc airplanes and the sailplanes I don't see anywhere else.

    Are they still manufactured and were they well received ?

    Thanks for any info. I don't think I've ever seen a thread on any of those airframes.


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    Well, I found YTInternational still has some Ka-7's.... However shipping from the UK is bizarrely expensive. Not sure why. I've shipped from Germany at very cheap rates but the UK seems tough to do for some reason.

    Alas, this is not for me and the builder found HobbyClub could get him the RM XLF-207 Laminar he really wanted. I'm very jealous....

    Maybe I can get some shots of the 207 as it gets here. I'm betting we'll see it on the tow line before too long !