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Difficulty communicating with Paritech

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  • Difficulty communicating with Paritech

    Hi all,
    Well against good advice, I put a deposit down directly with Paritech for a big ol' scale bird this past July. The euro was weak and it suddenly felt about 40% cheaper to buy one than it did a few years ago. So, I sent deposit via bank transfer July 2017. They told me ship date will be October 2017. I was in monthly contact with them but as of Aug 1 it has gone silent. They are not responding to my emails (I've sent 3 polite inquires over 2 months) or Facebook inquires. I ordered a Jet fan from Moses that was confirmed and shipped to Paritech in August. Paritech confirmed they received the unit.
    I'm sure things are okay, but any suggestions? I'm a little nervous but they are a big, old company. Does Susanne still work there?

    Secondly, can anyone recommend a broker for shipping to the east coast? I know I'm going to get reamed on taxes, etc but it will all be worth it if I can get it into my workshop in one piece

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    You might contact Gotz Vogelsang??? He used to deal with Paritech???


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      Thanks for your response. I did reach out to Gotz and he recommended I go straight through Paritech so I did. Correction on my previous post: I ordered the model in May 2017, not July. I do realize these things take 6-12+ months mimimum. Could end up being a nice Christmas present. Fingers crossed