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    These are Backordered, seems that there are some "redesign" steps going
    Ng on. There are a couple Horizon Sponsored Pilots plus The Model Box on this Forum... Can any of you provide an estimated in stock status? I have one on bacorder using the "Foam" 20 buck off code...


    BTW, I'll have the receiver for sale as I am slowly phasing out Spektrum... Mostly Jeti and Taranus


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      Dave, as far as I know there is no redesign happening, they just did not get enough. The are due August 28th approx. Foam Frenzy deal has expired. I do have just one in stock, and it was available at Cumberland. Let me know if I can help.

      Jeremy and Ben


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        I was basing my comment on a "chat" session with Horizon. Perhaps I misunderstood. Anyhow, I have one on order and am not in a hurry to get it.



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          Joe and I had another relaxing session of evening soaring with our Radian XL's yesterday. Mine now has over 8 hours of flight time logged!
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            Mine's still flying... somewhere!


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              Originally posted by ARUP View Post
              Mine's still flying... somewhere!
              Your new one will be personally delivered to Taylorsville by The Model Box shuttle in 3 weeks!

              Jeremy nab Ben
              SCC AAA TT TN


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                I picked up one today....our local hobby shop had a 20% off sale today, so I got the Radian XL plus the 3200 mah battery.

                With 20% off it was like getting the battery for free!!



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                  Darrel (local club member) picked up the RadianXL that Jeremy left at Cumberland tonight. He had downloaded the manual at home and programmed his radio, so all we had to do was bind his transmitter and fly.

                  We both launched our Radian XL's into the still smooth air and got easy 30 minute flights...what a gentle fun aircraft.

                  Another satisfied customer. 😉
                  A Site for Soar Eyes


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                    Maybe I should send a couple to our satellite location to have in stock for when someone wonders up the mountain without an aircraft

                    Jeremy and Ben

                    SCCAAA TT TN


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                      2nd flight today on the Radian hour and forty five minutes!!!!


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                        I thank jswain for directing me to this thread, which i have very much enjoyed reading
                        unless we look at maybe a MULIPLEX Model the the RADIAN may well be the answer for me,and just for the hell of it I may get one of Utheres RUBY AP fitted (Just for fun)
                        as I said in my opening thread I for like the idea oof flicking a switch and getting out of jail free (why not) I know a lot of flyers feel this is heresy .
                        but I need my comfort zone as long as I feel its needed so to speak.

                        all the best Steve


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                          Howdy folks,

                          New here to the scalesoaring forum. I fly the Parkzone KA8, Radian XL, and am currently working on a TopModel Marabu. Just getting into soaring but I have been loving every moment of it, in an odd way it reminds me of sailing with Dad on a hobie 16 we refurbed.

                          Tangent over

                          I've been really enjoying the XL, however as many of you have commented its a heavy piece of foam. One area that I found to save some weight is the yellow fiberglass wing joiners supplied with the kit. They weigh in at around 130 grams according to my somewhat-accurate scale.

                          Over the past couple of months I've been experimenting with carbon fiber wing joiners. All four of them weigh in at ~40 grams (my scale is only in five gram increments) so they save around 90 grams worth of weight total off of the plane. This weight saving is also decently far out on the wings, so it has made my radian more roll sensitive in terms of detecting thermals and other little bubbles.

                          I've made them out of two sheets of 0.5mm carbon fiber which sandwich 3mm epp foam. This makes them just slightly thicker than the stock heavy fiberglass joiners, so as a result they fit snugly in the wings. Interestingly, I have had no need to use the wing screws with my plane as the joiners keep them together really nice, so that saves a step and is one less thing to forget on the way to the field.

                          I've got the process down to where it takes around two hours for me to complete each set. I couple local guys have asked me to make some for them along with some folks on another forum, so I figured I'd jump in here and see what you all thought. More info can be found at my website, Click on 'Upgrades' towards the upper-left of your screen.

                          Anyways thanks for the read and I've love to hear of other ideas to really maximize the performance out of this plane




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                            Hell Jared and welcome to the forum!



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                              Hi Jared
                              where are you located?
                              Len Buffinton
                              Team Horizon Hobby


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                                Currently residing in Colorado but grew up around an hour south of Chicago, so not too far from Champaign