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    Jim S of the RCRC club in Louisville KY earned his tow pilot rating today! We had beautiful weather with a breeze pretty much right down the runway. Before the flights we had gotten together to see what it takes for towing. Jim has a nice 1/4 scale Cub with a DLE 35 rear exhaust engine in which he fabricated and installed a sliding pin and hoop release at the front of the wing rod carry through tube. He pulled an Easy Glider multiple times and Doug S got his hands on the sticks for one! Doug B brought his polyhedral sailplane which was towed successfully multiple times with proper climb and throttle management. The Vampyr even got three rides! The poor Vampyr got caught in horrible sink for a 2:15 sled ride into a scruffy tree at the edge of the field but it is repairable. I almost made it.

    Jim S did a commendable job and is a great pilot! He has over 25K hours full scale and is a CFI, too! Thanks, Jim!

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    Congrats guys.
    One at a time, thats all it takes.

    Sorry to hear about the blood sucker, Get tit fixed, its a staple at the aerators around the country.
    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby