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CVRC monthly aerotowing in Visalia

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  • CVRC monthly aerotowing in Visalia

    I joined the CVRC recently and plan my first trip to the field on the 14th of December. I was curious if anyone else here will be going it would be nice to meet up with you. I'm in Ventura Ca. And it's about a 3 hour drive for me. Not too bad at all and a nice drive.
    This will be my first time at aerotowing I have never done it before. I've been flying since 85 but never airtow. I'll need all the help and instruction I can get.

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    fyi- i found this web page's tips very helpful.
    Only other tips i would add would be-
    a. make sure CG is per manual then change it around later ..... i read a saying ' it flys once with rearward cg, flys forever with correct/forward cg' or something like that.
    b. I put the tow release on the the upper left TX;s tallest switch and let my finger ride that release switch for as instant a release as possible.
    c if it all starts to go wild onn tow release asap and figure it out later.
    d. it should go far easier than what your anticipating

    instructions on how to aerotow and how to set up the tow plane and glider


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      Thanks JS! And BTW I love the products you offer. Didn't know. But I do now.
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