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Visalia Aerotow this last weekend

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  • Visalia Aerotow this last weekend

    i had a superb 2 days of flying, and the highlight was thermaling out and handing off the transmitter of my Fred China built DeHavilland Sparrow. Fred didn’t think much of the model after he built it but I thermaled it multiple times with ease. Our weather, temps, humidity, bugs and thermals were perfect. Just a great group of guys we have, no wonder aerotow is the only portion of RC Soaring that is actually growing. We just got another gentleman to join up this weekend.
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    Such a cool sailplane. Glad you had a good time and did Fred proud thermalling it out.
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      +1 That is a pretty neat sailplane!


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        Not easy to see in the photos, the Sparrow has almost as many flying wires as the SG-38. And yes, the SG-38 was starting to speck out during its flight, I may have helped thermal spotting for John Ellias to get 14 laps during his GPS run with the AN-66.