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Flying in Salem CT

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  • Thanks again to Steve, Len and Scot for organizing the Turkey Tow and handling towing duties. Had a great time with good flights. I particularly enjoyed the campfire that "traveled" from one end of the field to the other as we changed ends. Hey, what better way to fly in the cool weather than by hanging out at the campfire while your up.

    Here are some shots of the event.

    Have a good winter folks.



    • Love the pictures of Tom’s grandson. And, the one hauling the fire pit to the other end!

      Thanks, as always for documenting the incident. All good wishes for the holidays and building season!
      Team PowerBox Systems Americas ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


      • What a good time we had! Thanks to the tow pilots Steve and Scott for keeping us flying all day. Also want to mention that the air was real good for flying sailplanes with light winds a some thermals. My Grandson had a good time flying his Midwest Little T even though I wouldn’t let him loop it.

        Now let’s go do some building!



        • Really fantastic pictures Jeff !

          Many thanks for sharing them.

          Always wonderful to see everyone there.



          • Thanks you to all the guys who showed up and flew with us on this traditional last gathering of the year. ( ho ho tow?) Weather was pretty darn good considering.

            As always, I deeply appreciate everything Steve P does for this hobby, much of it behind the scenes with paperwork and promotion. Without the group of people we have amassed throughout the country, many of these great outings would never have happened.

            Great pictures Jeff. Thank you for your generous gift of time and talent. It takes a HUGE amount of time to take these shots, let alone edit and post them. We are fortunate to have you to chronicle the year in photos.

            Its been a good year in Aerotowing, many events, lots of plane and more new friends.

            Thankfully, you can see from the photos I have a new ORANGE CRUSH. Thank you Scot for taking time out of your schedule to expertly assemble this bullet. I owe you a huge gratitude. The plane flew fantastic!!!! Silent and FAST.

            Have a great winter everyone.
            Len Buffinton
            Team Horizon Hobby


            • Love the orange jackets to go with orange crush sailplane

              Steve K


              • Of course, its the way we roll.
                Len Buffinton
                Team Horizon Hobby


                • Boys and girls;

                  Sorry I missed the Day of the Turkeys last week, but there were some heartwrenching holiday drama movies on the Hallmark Channel I just had to binge watch.... Just kidding - first marathon cold of the season kept me grounded.

                  When I decided to get back into scale rc soaring this past spring, I had no idea so many people were having way too much fun flying scale gliders up and down the East Coast! California r/c friends take note: Dude! These guys totally kick butt back here! You should plan to spend your summers back here, with at least one event per month, you will get tons of flying at incredibly gnarly sites (with this lush-green-grass stuff to take off and land on), experience epic non-stop tow plane pilots keeping the sky full of gliders and a really great crew of pilots to hang out and fly with! Oh, with Jeff taking pics at most events, you will have an excellent pic of your glider for your computer desktop as a totally awesome bonus!

                  Many thanks to all the individuals, clubs, landowners, tow plane owner/operators and fellow pilots who promote, organize, and pull off all of the events from Spring to Fall - well done!

                  Best year of flying in a long time!



                  • I'd love to but it's a pretty long drive! Maybe once a year. And we do have Vasilia. A long drive for you but worth it too! You guys can come out here for winter. it's been in the low 70's here. Burrr.....just kidding.