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FMS Beaver tow release issue.

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  • FMS Beaver tow release issue.

    I am mostly interested in smaller scale aerotowing so I purchased the FMS Beaver because it had an optional tow release availible. I have been successfully using a Mini Ultra Stick as a tug for some smaller gliders. While the install of the tow release on the Beaver was easy, the functionality left a lot to be desired. First 2 tows resulted in premature releases from the Beaver. The stock setup relies on the tow line being pinched between the release pin and a plastic covering. The covering would flex and the line would release. My modification removes the plastic cover and install a metal rod between the 2 screws used for the cover. The tow line is then routed under the rod and over the pin. Works great !

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    Intertesting, they had a good idea, but the plastic cover must have been far to flexible.
    Your solution seems like it should be trouble free. It's close enough to the release, so you shouldn't get and snag in the event of a release.
    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      We fly small gliders at our home field and are always interested in what others are using for tugs. can you give a little more info on your setup (motor, battery, prop) and what size gliders you can handle?