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Unique towplane release

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  • Unique towplane release


    I held a small club aerotow at my place in Octowber. One of our members had a very unique set up for his towplane release. Those familiar with archery will recognize it as the part of a release mechanism for shooting that pinches and holds the string. I can tell you after a lifetime in archery, often shooting bows in access of 70 pounds, I have NEVER had one fail. The small wire on the right pulls the lever that would normally be triggered by your trigger finger. This would normally be attached to a strap that would wrap around your wrist. He buys them from archery shops for cheap. The release is immediate.

    The tow line would attach from the left. Pretty clever I thought.


    Tim Click image for larger version

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    Not being that familiar with the archery release myself, do you have any other photos of it from differing angles? I can't quite wrap my head around it from the one photo.
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      Just shows there is more than one way to skin a cat!