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The Foxbat by Peter Goldsmith Designs

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  • The Foxbat by Peter Goldsmith Designs

    New here so I thought I should post up something. I built this one last winter. My first real Balsa build other that a couple of easy slot and tab type laser kits so this was pretty interesting to say the least. It turned out really well and I have been having a blast flying it. Most of you guys know Pete so no introductions are needed. This is the 4 meter Foxbat done up in Virginia Tech colors since my son was a Cadet there. Go Hokies!

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    Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
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      Really nice covering scheme.
      Len Buffinton
      Team Horizon Hobby


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        Yes... I'll second Steve and Len's comments! I like the 'skid mark on the grass' picture the best!

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      That is my favorite as well. That was really a nice landing!