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    Hi Blake,

    Just a thought on the Carbon Z Cub. I have towed a number of times with it and it does well. My Cularis (2.7m foamy) is a piece of cake. I towed a few smaller scale ships in the 3m - 3.5m category and it will do it but one thing I did discover is that the cub has a great low speed range / capability. But if you have a sailplane that requires a little more speed like some of the smaller scale birds, the tow pilot has to be very aware of his speed. The cub can still muster a climb angle that looks good but it will quickly slow down. It is not really propped for speed so both you and tow pilot just be aware of this.

    At 3.8m you might be near the upper "comfortable" limit. I know it has pulled a E-Flight Blanik (4.2m, 25#) but I'm sure with good pilots.

    Good luck and get em "Hooked".



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      Thanks for all of the input from you guys. I like the fact that you guys are all experienced and have words of wisdom to help me avoid newbie mistakes.

      Typical of most power clubs these days, there are lots of way over powered 3-D type of one designs flying around. I'm sure I can get some of those guys interested in towing.



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        Good luck...we will be pulling for you! 👍

        * pun intended. 😉