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Moore Crystal Clear discontinued???

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    I have been using Moore since the days of bagged competition wings. I agree with Victor it is great for attaching servo covers, lays down nice, almost disappears on any smooth surface and was readily available on this side of the pond besides being good for control surface hinges. Never used it to tape wing gaps, there are better choices for that use.

    In my tape stock I have a roll of Scotch 3M Crystal Clear which has performed almost as well as the Moore in my experience. It is now apparently known as 3M Transparent Tape #600. Attached is a link to it and I believe it can still be purchased in 650" rolls as well.[*CampaignID*]:[*searchterm*]:[*KeywordID*]&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0oiG74bc4AIV6B-tBh0KgAr8EAAYBCAAEgKtyvD_BwE

    OOH, and if you want to geek out on it here's the 3M data sheet for it!
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      Yeah. Not so happy with the random "Holotap" purchase. It was one of those bait and switch distributors. The product looks absolutely nothing like the marketing picture. It's fairly clear and slightly stretchy, so it will work for now, but I got what I paid for. Not much!


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        Moore Crystal Clear is still around. But it is mostly at Art Supply stores. Amazon has it for $17 dollars a roll but that's a rip off because it's still selling at Art supply stores for $7 dollars a role (3/4 in wide and 36 yards).


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          Thanks. I bought a dozen rolls of Blenderm so I'll be good for a few decades.

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        I checked Texas Art Supply here in Houston and they sell Moore Clear Tape. I think it was about $6.50 a roll. Looks like you can mail order from them.

        I'm new to Scale Soaring website and attended the Apache Pass Texas soaring site this weekend and had a great time. Met several of you who have posted here. I'm doing my homework for a new sailplane !
        Steve Gibson


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          This post made my day 😎👍 and I join Steve P in saying welcome!

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        I know this thread has been asleep for a while, but I have an update on the 3M tape I previously mentioned...DON'T use it for servo covers! It make work well in applications where you won't need to remove it for maintenance though.

        This weekend I'm upgrading my Ventus to my new Jeti and needed to change the servo horns on my flap servos, seems like every time you change electronics it's not just PNP. However, the 3M does go on smoothly and has held well, maybe too well. When I tried to remove it many times it started to shred and the plastic backing would shear in half leaving a very thin layer of plastic and adhesive.

        That thin layer was even more difficult to remove and I resorted to Goo Gone to help remove it and the adhesive. It's a good thing that Goo Gone is rather inert. Sometimes I even had to rub the thin plastic layer and adhesive into a roll to remove it with my nitrile gloved fingers! Just like a plumbing repair job it took 5 times longer than expected. The good thing is I didn't have to make 2 trips to the hardware store.

        Can't wait to fly the 2CX on the Jeti!
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          Apply a little heat from a heat gun, in most cases it will come off in one piece with the adhesive!

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        I haven't thought of that, but since I have sign vinyl on the wing surfaces it might not be wise.