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Single "Multi" plugs for Wings

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  • Single "Multi" plugs for Wings

    I've never used single plugs for wings and want to venture into this with the new ASH31.

    Which are best? sub d like the ones from Chief?

    Or, Multiplex like these?

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    Hansen latching connectors

    hansen hobbies

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Originally posted by lenb View Post
      Hansen latching connectors

      hansen hobbies
      Not sure about the wiring but for 3 servos would I'd need the 1x6? Especially since one would be using a different voltage or a 1x9?
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        Another option.....

        Aviation Concepts rc


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          +1 Gunny! I used to make my own leads but I have better things to do with my time (I'm messin' with LenB!) so I use these, now.

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        I like the multiplex 6 pin plugs with two servos on each plug. You can run more if you use common ground and power but the soldering gets kinda crazy at that point. And I found these molds that allow you to inject hot glue, forming a solid grip that also reinforces the solder joint. Mark and I have both used them and you are welcome to if you go that route. I glue the fuselage side of the wing root connectors in place and leave the wing side connectors loose so that I have to plug them in. I read somewhere that this reduces the chances of breaking a pin on the connectors.

        I also had a Shadow TD plane with the sub d style that worked fine.


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          Originally posted by BryanB View Post

          Not sure about the wiring but for 3 servos would I'd need the 1x6? Especially since one would be using a different voltage or a 1x9?
          1x9 for 3 servos.


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            As Victor says the Multiplex 6 pin works, but the soldering can get a little tedious. I have been using them on my Ka-8b for two years now with one side fixed to prevent side loads on the pins. They have good pin contact, so connection grip is not a concern to me.

            When planning my Ventus wiring I chose them again and use two per panel, being a 4 servo wing per panel. I could have used one pair per panel, but branching the power would have been a little messy, IMHO. Also, Multiplex claims the pins can handle up to 5 amps, IIRC. That should accommodate most current servos with separate power sources easily.

            The dies Victor linked make a nice clean assembly once you get the hang of using it. Attached is a picture of the wing root wiring of my Ventus. BTW, the fuselage harness will have the expando on it when I determine final length.

            Merry Christmas everybody. OOH, and a shameless plug here don't forget about the Apache Pass Aerotow next year in April!

            Click image for larger version

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              Hansen Hobby 1x9 locking connectors

              Team PowerBox Systems Americas ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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                Powerbox has a great selection of harnesses using their wonderful wire. They come already soldered and molded with both Multiplex and DB connectors. I had custom lengths made for our long glider wings. Duralite Flight Systems has a nice selection on their website.

                Merry Christmas
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                  Another vote for the Hansen Hobby connectors. I use them on all my gliders. Crimping and wiring is the most relaxing part of assembly for me now.


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                    Hansen Hobbies is where I usually purchase my wire and connector supplies...good quality stuff. For my assembly the configuration of the Ashlock bodies I could find readily would not fit through the wire loom hole in the fuselage. So, I needed a better form fit in my application, AKA two MPX connectors.

                    I plan to use the Ashlock (ED-102 or Hansen Locking) style of connectors for the servo connections in the servo bays of the wing, although I have in the past just tied a loop around the mating bodies with button thread. Simple to do and inexpensive. Keeps them from getting loose, but I've never had a problem with it before. My belt and suspenders mind set again. OOH, I also have multiple airplanes using the Sub-D style and they work well too. There are many configurations of Sub-D's, some with power pins rated to 30 Amps. Mouser Electronics is a good supplier of small quantity electronic materials.


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                      I use these from Emcotec......MPX style with a neat “handle” that solders to the pins and makes it way easier to solder servo wire to the plugs.....I’m using an 8 pin on the ASH-31 for the wings......the spoilers will get their own 3 wires since the voltage is stepped down and the flap and aileron will share their negative Terminal.
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