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  • Removable tail feathers

    Some of you have built your models to have removable tail feathers. I suppose that's mostly the vertical stabilizer since the horizontal stabilizer is normally designed to be removed. Some of you have built your Blanik that way and Erich has posted on his Schweizer 1-26 build thread that the vertical fin will be removable for storage and transport. One of Gunny's videos about his 2-33 kit mentions that it can be built with removable fin.

    I'm planning on starting to build Pete's new T-37 Skylark next month and am considering setting it up that way. I would love to get more detail and photos from those of you who have set up your models this way.

    Here's the link to Erich's 1-26 thread.

    He also mentions using the Dubro Heavy Duty nylon hinge on the rudder which has a cotter pin. I assume that is designed to be taken apart so the rudder can be removed?

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    Dan- FWIW my current Professor project shows removable stabs and rudder.


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      I used the Robart HInge Pins on my E-Flite Blanik. Carefully removed the pins and used a single piece of piano wire as a removable pin. Go to post #5 in the thread below.


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        Thank you Michael and Mark.