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Strain relief and grip for sub d and multiplex plugs

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  • Strain relief and grip for sub d and multiplex plugs

    I’m a fan of Multiplex plugs for all kind of connections and sub d for wings when warranted. I usually “potted” the wires with electronics grade rtv around the connectors and added hear shrink where appropriate. Still, I struggled a bit with separating them until I found the concept offered on this site.

    There is a link to an “english shop” on the ribbon at the top

    I haven’t actually used one of these as shown on the site because they have been out of stock for a pretty long time. I actually made my own, albeit not as clean, but it works great. I’ll be ordering one for MPX and sub d soon before he runs out again.
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    I too use MPX connectors at times. One thing I do to help with separation is apply a small amount of dielectric grease to the pins. It doesn't require much, but after a few insertion cycles the connector is much easier to use. Just don't "dust" it with dirt!

    BTW, I've used it on Deans connectors, such as my Supra, as well. The grease is readily available at any auto supply store in many size tubes.


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      Those molds are nice!


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        So you actually create a solid protector around the plug ends?


        • Asher Carmichael
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          Yes, you use your handy dandy hot melt glue gun to squirt hot melt into the mold and form a “block” around the leads. It’s firmy attached to the connector so it helps relieve stress at the solder joint as well as provides an easy grip area.

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        just ran across this thread. i was inspired by these molds a while back. I 3D printed my molds for the hot glue. I wax them so the hot glue lets off easier. I typically discard the mold after a couple pulls as the heat can deform them. Cost is minimal to reprint the mold. I heat shrink over the whole thing and that heat remelts the hot glue and makes it loook pretty if there is any voids.

        I have also used plumbers epoxy putty (think something Billy Mays would have sold) to make such strain reliefs. I stole this method from David Kramer.