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Keeping track of servo extensions?

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  • Keeping track of servo extensions?

    This is likely a "rookie" question, but I need some ideas. How do you folks keep the ends of the extensions from falling back into the wing when storing/transporting your gliders? I've been using painters tape to secure the leads outside the wing and/or fuse--but with limited success (tape sometimes comes off). A flying buddy (Gene Cope) uses the plastic bread bag securing tabs, and they work quite well until I loose them in the grass at an event. Looking for a more "fool proof" (but simple) way of keeping the end connectors available at the joint where I need them when trying to assemble a glider.

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    I make my own bread bag tabs from white, .020 styrene or ABS plastic. I make them larger, in a circular shape though any shape will do. Cut the perimeter with a scissor, bore the hole with an appropriate sized drill bit and cut the slot with an xacto. Being white and larger makes them easier to keep track of but I always carry extras. I use styrene from evergreen models or plastruct. You can also get it from McMaster-Carr.
    You might also consider attaching the plugs to the root rib of the wing and allow the plug in the fuse to float free. Just be sure the plugs you attach to the wing root won’t intefere with the fit of the wing to the fuse.


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      I make these out of 1/8 ply about 1" square. Hole in the middle big enough for the lead in any direction, slot big enough to slip the lead through flat. Make a bunch, paint them international orange so you won't lose them, and that should do the trick for you. I used to used them to stop leads from disappearing into the bowels of my Grunau Baby.

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        I make similar ones from sheet plastic and easy.

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      I use wooden clothespegs


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        Thank you guys. Some good ideas. Thanks for taking the time to post. Hope to see some of you on June 1.



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          Another note is that you can make some of the sheet retainers from non-critical ID cards. Even the ones mailed to you free for "special offers". Better than having them fill the local refuse storage facility. BTW, yes I do have Scottish blood in my family tree!


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            Glue scrap balsa or ply around the wire lead... kinda like a pillory for convicts! The 'pillory' is loose on the lead but the servo connector can't pass through it. Also, the 'pillory' is too large to fit through any opening in the wing or fuse or where ever. That's what I do with the Eaglet and Vampyr.