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  • Springs

    There are always a variety of reasons why springs are needed for our retract gear doors on sailplanes etc !

    I recently have been completing a quick repair on my ASH-31 retract and needed new extension springs for the gear doors.

    I went to a couple of the local hardware stores and found it challenging to find just the right springs for the repair. CSC springs (Century Spring Corporation) seems to be the closest to what I needed.

    I found Century Spring Corporation online with ordering services:

    They have just about any type of spring you can imagine. They have a search engine for springs that allow a range of parameters to be specified such as OD, length, material, spring tension (lbs. per inch), etc. to find the correct springs.

    I just ordered some that are 0.125" OD by 1.5" length that have low tension for pulling the gear doors closed when the wheel retracts.

    Looks like it is a great resource, but the shipping costs are somewhat high. I am guessing the pricing is at full manufacturer's suggested retail cost online, with their products being available at a discounted rate at local hardware stores. While the hardware stores my have better pricing they also are more limited as to the stock that is available.

    Even though the costs may be higher than hoped for it is an excellent resource to be able to find the right springs for any use.

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