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Builders, Who's your preferred wood supplier?

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  • Builders, Who's your preferred wood supplier?

    When scratch building from plans I've always been very happy with the wood I've gotten from Balsa USA or Aircraft Spruce & Specialty. My upcoming build (1/3.5 Slingsby Sedbergh) identifies Spruce for spars and a few key stringers, but Balsa USA doesn't carry Spruce, only Bass. And Aircraft Spruce doesn't offer it in the smaller dimensions I'm looking for, though I could order thicker and cut it to size on the table saw of a friend. I did find that National Balsa carries the majority of what I'm looking for in the proper dimensions, save for one, but I've never used them.

    So who do you use?
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    I use National Balsa

    Len Buffinton
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      National Balsa, awesome Sitka Spruce.
      Cheers, Thompson
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        Don't forget for they have cap strip stock in the sizes and lengths we need! In addition to suppliers above don't forget


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          I'd used Aircraft Spruce in the past, but didn't find what I was looking for when I went looking earlier in the week, but you reminded me where I needed to look... Cap Strips! Thanks Michael. I'll place my Balsa and Ply order with National Balsa and my Spruce order with Aircraft Spruce to save a dollars total.