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Tow gliding in Southern California?

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  • Tow gliding in Southern California? This thread introduces me and my interests but I'm finding where I live n Ventura California it's difficult to find people with this same interest. So I am looking for toe events and groups around my area. I am already a member of TOSS in Thousand Oaks but this is a winch only field that does allow powered planes of any kind to keep the local home owners at bay.

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    hi Steve.

    i will post more specific details for you here, but later this weekend.

    nice work on the pictures you posted. your pretty much set to fly TD, slope and aerotow with just those 3 planes!

    Generally ( in order of activeness) there is *monthly** scale aerotowing meet in Visalia, intermittent events in Poway and palm springs, any weekend slope flying at torry pines, and annual spring event at los banos . There may be more but that is all i know about to the geographic south of visalia.

    The most active and deeply commited with planes people and towplanes is visallia's club. They have Been there for donkeys years.

    I live in riverside, 92503 zip code, and my next aerotow event is palm springs on dec 8.

    more web type info to come later but this is a general overview.
    john s
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      John thanks you very much for the reply. This of course is exactly what I'm looking for. We have a nice motor home that we like to take on trips so the long drives are part of the pleasure for us. I'll look forward to your updates. Thanks again John.


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        Hi Steve.

        Its easier to do this on a real computer than smart pad.

        Below are a bunch of web links that i look at to see whats coming up next.

        I am not in the 'Old Timers' network of aerotowing so there may be more i don't
        know of but this has worked ok for me so far.

        Also there are a bunch of events in the Pacific Northwest during the
        summer and fall so that is worth looking at if your interested

        Note: this video link below is a good representation of what i have seen
        going on - nothing spectacular, just flying anything that can tow or be towed,
        food, talking, picture taking, high end planes, plain-planes, etc.

        fyi - because you are a builder here is a kit maker who puts out
        some really nice kits (not short kits but complete) *and* they fly well.......

        take care, john s.

        PS - that new flying site at TOSS is really nice, it was very cool, especially
        for our July 18 SC2 thermal duration contest.
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          John thanks so much for taking the time to do this and for the link to Peter's kits. Now I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.
          You mentioned the event on the 8th in Palm Springs and I'd very much like to attend. I haven't found it so far in the links you sent. BTW I am a long time member of RC Groups and have an account there.
          Thanks again for your help and the eventual Slingsby that I was there. Ironically I'm build a small stick and tissue version at 36 inch span.
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            I mislead you, it’s near Palm Springs, in Coachella/Thermal

            Please see In RCGroups @ sailplane events thread, event all is good to go.


            ‘Saturday December 8th is the date for another aerotow at the other CVRC club in Thermal Ca.
            It’s a bit tentative since we need 2 tow pilots and the FAA doom and gloom thing hanging over us.
            Hopefully not the last time for some aerotow fun in the desert.”



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              Found it John. Just had to look harder. I plan to be there.