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  • New member here in Windsor, CT

    Hi, my name is Terry and I am from Windsor CT. I have been a member of Wintonbury Flying club in Bloomfield for many years. I have taught both my kids how to fly powered planes and my daughter is the one who is leading me here.

    My son fly planes, drones and FPV race wings. He loves to go fast and crash just as hard. He is a very accomplished pilot. My daughter loves full scale planes and also RC but didn't seem to grab onto it as aggressively as her younger brother. We had some since days and went flying together and started to talk. She really likes to fly differently than him. She like to play in the wind and catch gusts up and down seeing how long she can extend her flight. She would really like to sit in a chair and fly for an hour if she could. She said she would really like a glider. I honestly don't have one so I said we would build one for her together. (here is a link to the build log if interested

    To start we didn't go the scale route while we are looking to learn to fly thermals. I love scale things so that isn't out of the question down the road. I queried some folks and got some recommendations. I really liked gliders by Art Hobby. I spoke with Andre and we found a glider we think she will like The 2.5M Orion-EC (electric) with Spoilerons, Rudder and elevator. We went the electric route because it is hard to setup a high-start at my field without possibly annoying someone else. (The field does have a community winch but I dont think anyone has used it.)

    My daughter (Kennedy) and I discovered there is a LOT to soaring and started to look around for a local group of fliers. We think we would have a lot more fun and better success if we flew at least a little while with experienced glider pilots. I hope to glean some information and start connecting with some local pilots.

    Also how long does the flying season last got glider in CT ? I am hoping I am not to late into it.

    Well Thanks for having me
    Terry Tor

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    Welcome aboard! The build looks to be progressing well and you should have a very nice sailplane at the end of it all. You will love flying 'scale' sailplanes, too!


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      Hi Terry,
      i can answer a few questions- and i’m sure others will jump in too.

      As someone who hates 90 degree weather- i believe your coming into two of the best CT soaring months September and October. Then the higher frequency of higher winds and cold streaks reduce but don’t eliminate flying in November and December. After that, i still watch and hope for the occasional times that the winds are <15mph and temps >30 degrees F.
      Longer thermaling flights tougher in cold temps but, you can also buy a mitton and electric heater to cover your transmitter too.
      Welcome Aboard!


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        Hi Terry,

        We spoke by email a couple days ago, I'm glad you came aboard and posted here. There are a bunch of guys local here in CT that would be more than willing to help out and get things headed in the right direction for you guys.
        Watch the forums for posts about 'Flying in Salem CT" , thats where we post when we know we will be at the field.

        Also, the events pages will tell you where you may want to venture out to and check out the scene in full swing.

        Len Buffinton
        Team Horizon Hobby


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          First of all welcome and I apologize if it’s too wordy. I began flying RC in high school in the ‘60’s. What has kept my interest the most over the transpiring years is “unpowered” flight, all aspects of it. One of my college buddies in the ‘70’s said one day, “I have seen guys flying RC gliders on a local college campus, want to go look”? When I saw it being done I thought this is way cool! The same thing happened to me the first time on a sailboat, a Sunfish in summer camp, ended up later in life my racing sailboats and even going as crew to Key West Race Week.

          Both sailing and soaring attract a certain type of individual. Some get it others do not, sad in a way but that is another issue. Both sailing and soaring require the participant to be aware of the environment and use it to the best advantage and sometimes it is better to go with what the environment dictates than try to overpower it. Other times you miss the mark and have to reassess.

          Sorry I have rambled, but now to your daughter. One of our club members is Amy Pool. She is an excellent RC sailplane pilot. Go to the AMA website and look for her at the soaring NATS this year, nuff said. Show her what Amy has achieved and help your daughter learn all she can and wants to. If there is a soaring club nearby take her there, experience is the best educator. Soaring like sailing is a thinking person’s form of flying.

          I know it’s not as glamorous as the big scale ships but a simple rudder, elevator and spoiler airplane is the best tool to learn on. I didn’t start racing sailboats on a boat that would plane like the boat I crewed on at Key West, WOW what rides we had there! The airplane that taught me the most about soaring was a Wanderer 99. So, keep it simple at first. I thermaled one of mine out from a hand toss…again WOW what a ride and sense of accomplishment!

          OHH, and here’s one for your speed inspired son and your daughter to let her know what might be possible. Back when I became enamored with soaring I never would have thought a glider of any size would travel 545 MPH, it has been done. I know and have flown with the aerodynamicist that discovered the concept that is used to do this. He helped me at a RC thermal duration contest one time and is a RC Soaring World Champion.