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    I'm getting slammed with spam notifications from members that all seem to end in -"pres". In looking at the members list, there are numerous people that are listed as banned and these members names are spelled almost exactly as the banned names but maybe with one letter different, or letters swapped. It's getting annoying to have 14 plus of these "notifications" a day. Each is a link (which I have not of course opened) which I am sure is a virus. Is there a way to stop these BS notifications? Maybe a thorough look through the members list is in order to ban more? If they can access my notifications, what else can they get to?

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    Hi Tim.
    We are aware of the issue and unfortunately will have to tighten the sign up process once again.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Spam, Scams and fraudulent emails etc. everyone should help fight cyber terrorism by forwarding their spam mail to
      Also on questionable emails or phone calls I request there employee identification number. Usually they hang up.

      i check my emails on my I phone a few times a day. By the weeks end when I retrieve and receive my emails on the desktop computer I notice the fraudulent emails / spam was was already deleted at headquarters and never makes it to my machine.
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        I have been working on the spam issues tonight. If you get anymore spam send me a message. I have blocked and removed over 2800 spammers from the site.



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          Thanks Brad, much appreciated!

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          Thank you sir!