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Photobucket just screwed us :(

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  • Photobucket just screwed us :(

    For those of us who use Photobucket for image hosting....we all just got screwed They no longer allow what they call "3rd Party Hosting" without paying a yearly subscription.....I am pissed!! Almost every photo I have posted on this and a multitude of other message boards are gone. I can't believe it is even legal for them to do it! They lull you into posting hundreds of photos and say it's free......and once the hook is set, they want you to pay up

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    ....oh....and get this....the cost to allow 3rd party hosting is $400 a year


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      The backlash is amazing.....Photobucket may have just committed corporate suicide. The news stories about it on the internet are really skewering them. Here is just one....the comments here and on their Facebook page are really something to read....This could be like the "New Coke" debacle!!


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        True, but a company with then name "bucket" in its name was never destined for greatness.

        Sorry for your -- and everyone's -- loss.
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