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How-to on posting photos?

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  • How-to on posting photos?

    Is there a place, either on this forum, or other location on the web that can teach an old guy like me how to download a picture with written comments on this or other forums? I've been posting words for years, but never figured-out how to attach a photo, or video, like all the smart kids do. Sorry for no knowing simple internet communication techniques, but I'd like to learn.

    Larry Fitch

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    how to post videos
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      HI Larry,

      Pictures are pretty easy.
      You first identify the photos you want on your computer and put them in a folder or somewhere you can quickly identify. I put them in a folder on my desktop. When doing so, be sure they are a small file size, meaning not a 1mb picture file, they will load faster and bigger with small file size, ( 100kb ) etc

      now, when in your post, you see the three symbols on the top of THIS box to the right, the first is a square with a paperclip. Thats the " attach image icon. Click it.
      Then on the BOTTOM of this box the words "Upload attachments" will appear, click that.
      You will then attach the images you put in the folder on your desktop.
      Once uploaded, you will see them all at the bottom of the box.

      Place your cursor in the text box where you want the image to go, click the mouse to mark the spot, go down to the picture you want there and select the size, try medium for example. The picture will appear where you placed the cursor.

      Give it a try on a thread you can start, I can always delete the thread later. Its best to just play around with it until you get comfortable.

      Team Horizon Hobby


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        As usual, Thank you very much!

        Larry "the analog man" Fitch


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          Did you try it?

          Team Horizon Hobby


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            Len, the saga continues.Yesterday I took a photo of the spoiler caps and attempted to post it with my other post about my old Nimbus. I took the photo with my phone, and sent it to my computer, but the photo is way too big (4 meg). Now I am trying to figure out how to take smaller pictures, but no luck so far. Working it. I'll visit the AT&T store today.


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              Hi Larry, I usually upload my photos to which is a photo sharing site. Then you can use the share option to link the photo in the text, like this.

              No size restriction and all your photos are in one place.


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                Sink, thanks for the idea of using I've never heard of it before. Went out to that site for a few minutes, and got scared off. Likely just my problem.but I'm really uncomfortable sharing anything with that type of website. I'm sure it's my loss, but not my cup of tea.
                By the way, really nice photo of the tugs.


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                  There should be an easy option to downsize the photos. If you were to export the photos from your photo program to your desktop, ( you can make a file to hold them temporarily)
                  you are usually able to choose the size and quality of the image, pick medium and you should be fine, them when uploading to the website, you know they are on your desktop

                  A real simple option is PhotoBucket.
                  Jim Dolly and I both use this site
                  Team Horizon Hobby