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  • Howdy from the Frozen North!

    I'm a (plastic) scale modeler from WAY back, and a couple of years ago renewed my love for RC soaring. Two summers ago I made the mistake of attending my new club's aero-tow event, Sled 2015. (Early July, southern Minnesota).

    Mistake because:

    * I figured that I'd died and gone to heaven.
    * I bought it hook, line and sinker
    * I needed another soaring discipline like I needed a hole in the head

    While looking forward to the 2016 event last May, I realized that I could go from spectator to participant by surgically altering an old school TD airplane I'd been dragging around with me for the past 20 years. So I got cracking, and by the date of the event, I had a somewhat complete aero-tow trainer. Picture below.

    Fast forward to about 2 months ago, when I did an inventory of what I owned, and what I needed. Suffice it to say that in the past 2 years I've picked up a dozen and a half sailplanes. I don't really 'NEED' anything, but I WANT lots. After my evaluation, I realized that as much as I wanted a big aero-tow scalie, I needed a second TD airplane more. So ix-nay on the ale-scay.

    So of course what happened? A really great deal on a used 1/4 scale Discus 2c popped up, and now I'm the proud owner. Stll don't have a second TD competitor, but that is probably on the back burner for a while.

    Add another project to the to-do list! Thanks in advance for your encouragement, and I'll post up some pics as the project gets underway.

    Thanks for reading, Fran

    She ain't pretty, nor is she scale, but she is a hell of a trainer!

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    Hi Fran..
    Welcome home. (your new home)
    Which Discus were you able to acquire? KV models? I almost choked when you wrote you were going to get another stinking TD ship before a scale ship. Who in their right mind......... oh, never mind lol
    I'm glad fate too over and you've come to the bright side. haha
    Looking forward to hearing more about the Discus. Sound like a good deal was made.

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Howdy Len!

      Thanks for the warm welcome. I ended up with a TopModel 4.5 M Discus. I *DID* look long and hard at the Hangar 9 ASW. There were a number of them at Sled '16.

      A couple of my flying buddies have been down to your Horizon event, including Kevin, holder of the 2016 Corn award... Odds are good that if I attend, I'm a shoo in for that one in '17. My goal in TD is to hit the field, much less the center of the tape.

      Best, Fran.


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        Originally posted by Francois.Du.Nord View Post
        Odds are good that if I attend, I'm a shoo in for that one in '17.
        We all need something to shoot for.

        Kevin is a good sport, I know he's hard at work on another tug. Timmy's putting together a Bidule right now.


        Len Buffinton
        Team Horizon Hobby


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          Welcome Marty.....I mean Francois.........



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            Howdy Skeeter!

            Francois is my Piscatene Nom De Guerre. On a hot, still, boring musky trip one year in Canada, I became Francois, my brother in law became Guy (GEE) the French Canadien Fishing Guides. If you call me Francois in front of my family, including my mother, nobody will even blink. My niece's husband (then fiance) said at one family gathering "I think it's nice that you guys call your Uncle Francois Marty, because Francois is a terrible name."!

            A little birdie tells me that you're building a Bidule. That one of Kostas was strong. I think it could have pulled my Antares straight up. Are you building the same size or bigger? Something tells me if there is a bigger one, you've got it.

            I see Michael is showing off his meticulous building skills over here too. I guess this is where all the cool kids hang out.

            Best, Fran


            • Mosquito
              Mosquito commented
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              Yup. Building the 170 Bidule. Kostas's is the 120 size which is a lovely tow plane!


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            Marty! I like your 'Candystriper' bird! Congrats upon making the leap into the scale soaring aerotowing crowd! Regards, Hillbilly Kentucky Boy ARUP... I mean... Michael!