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2019 Clover Creek Aerotow Sept.12th-15th

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  • 2019 Clover Creek Aerotow Sept.12th-15th

    Hello everyone,
    I am delighted to inform you all that we will indeed be having another Aerotow here in Toone, TN for our 5th year in a row.
    This is by far our favorite event we have here at Clover Creek. With so many incredible memories that are made each year we are absolutely determined to keep it going and grow.
    Registration is now open so please sign up!
    Pilot Fees are:
    $15 a day
    $50 for all 4 days
    Lunch will be served each day.
    Most of you know we have rooms and bunks available for our guest. They do fill up quick so get them while they are available!
    $50 a night which includes your dinner, a hot shower, adult beverages and a good time.
    breakfast will also be available for you.
    Primitive Camping is also available.
    $15 a night
    $50 for all 4 nights
    Showers are available in the hanger for our camping guest
    To those who haven't been here please come enjoy the experience of a lifetime!
    For those who have, please invite your buddies to come join us!
    The More The Merrier!
    Also, We have a air conditioned hanger for pilots to store their gliders in for convenience of not having to pull them apart each evening. More time for soaring!
    And yes we have a tow plane!!
    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email myself at : or Gil Major at :

    See you soon,

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    Wow, living in California I did not give much attention to something so far away, but I took the time to look at this facility and it’s history. Man oh man would I like to attend! Maybe I just need to move to the south from crowded and expensive Cal. What a premier flying site.


    • Moser90
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      Dennis, We would love to have you attend. Yes Tennessee is a bit of a drive from Cal. You would definitely be the furthest traveled.

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    Going to try to make this event this year, along with NARCA, which I attended last year. With SERA looking iffy in April will go back to Cumberland in the Spring, I think.


    • ARUP
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      I plan attending. It's a great venue and the lift is usually phenomenal. There tends to be a cross wind at the field which is no big deal for glass slippers but can catch a 'floaty' sailplane pilot off guard. I got caught last year!

    • Moser90
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      Sounds great Tom! Please keep us updated on your intentions. We would truly enjoy having you!
      Mike Kelly, We already have a room with your name on it!

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    David, please sign me up for a Bunk or maybe a room if Swiss Miss comes along please!
    And remember to bring along your float planes for evening lake combat



    • Moser90
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      Jeremy, your room is booked year round. Considering you not only come to our Aerotow but All of our events.
      You might as well move in at this point. Looking forward to having another year of good times with you and Swiss Miss!!

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    Hi David, it's definitely on my list. As always. Looking forward to. Just need a spot for my motorhome.