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52nd Annual Cumberland, MD Fall Soar for Fun ~ October 31 - November 4, 2018

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    Thank's to Jim and Marcy for hosting this great event, had a blast as always. Thank you Erich for returning my Arcus after your repair and to Len for test flying it, I'm sure you will remember that landing Len
    Thank's to Ali for bringing the ASH 31 and spending one on one time with many individuals programming and explaining radio and AS3000 set up, I believe we all learned something
    Thank you to all who have placed orders with us during the year, a very special thanks to Darryl for all his help in the kitchen and having his local group use The Model Box for many of their purchases, it really makes the 12 hour drive worth while although I have to put up with Snatch and his Ice crunching
    So I will end with a
    Shameless Model Box Commercial
    If you are in need of any items for your winter project or need a Christmas gift, please give us a call at The Model Box 205 978 8787

    Thanks Jeremy



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      When was the AS3000 Seminar??? Many of us thought Ali was going to talk about it but decided he didn't want to? We were all waiting???
      Len Buffinton
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        On Friday by my trailer with Snatch's Pawnee, I guess Snatch will give the next lesson, he said he learned so much!

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      Originally posted by lenb View Post
      When was the AS3000 Seminar??? Many of us thought Ali was going to talk about it but decided he didn't want to? We were all waiting???

      Well, he will need to come back then! he promised to help me too....
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        We had planned a gyro seminar for Friday evening after flying (lift was so good that no one wanted to take time out during the day). Ali did get to help a couple of guys with their gyro setups in between his flying sessions.

        We had also planned a hamburger dinner with s'mores for desert for Friday evening...but the weather changed all of that. The temperature dropped and heavy rain set in at dusk and the rain continued well into the everyone departed the field for a warm dry dinner at a restaurant.

        Saturday opened with west wind and dream conditions for the slope guys, and it dried out the field so mostly no one had wet feet. Later in the day the wind smoothed out and the aero tow guys got to enjoy the slope too.

        Unfortunately, the real world was calling and Ali had to head back to Illinois Saturday evening...and so it went, no seminar. πŸ˜•

        On the plus side, everyone got to fly until exhausted!!!
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          Finally getting around to say thanks for another great long weekend. Wish I could have stayed a little longer but family event always runs into this weekend.

          As always, great hospitality, great tows, great friends. I enjoyed my time even when I did not fly.

          Here are some photos from the event. Not many and not great, but it will help to remember the good times.

          See you all in March.


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            Here are the only photos I took om Friday.​ ​​​​​​​